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Ways to Whiten Yellow Teeth

Teeth Whitening Warrnambool

Having yellow teeth is not at all usual and it is often seen and felt that people having yellowish teeth feel a little embarrassed while showing up them. People usually walk-in at My Dentist Warrnambool and ask why yellowness occurs even after brushing teeth twice a day and looking after them carefully. The yellow stains on the teeth may be superficial or may penetrate deeper depending upon the quality of teeth. The staining can be due to several reasons and one may get OTC products to reduce or remove the yellowness of the teeth but let’s throw light on to why yellow teeth may occur and what can be done to remove them.

Beverages like tea and coffee leave stains on teeth. Smoking is also one of the reasons for staining. At a younger age the covering of tooth called enamel is thick hence looks white but with ageing or due to some food habits, the thinning of enamel occurs that results into yellow looking covering. Dentin is the substance that’s brownish in colour and as the enamel gets thinner, dentin shows up slightly resulting in the yellow colour of the teeth. Having carbonated and acidic food and drinks results into corrosion of enamel and that can also be one of the reasons for yellowing of teeth.

Self-producing saliva in our mouth is a great neutralizer and it can drastically reduce the effect of food and drinks that result in discolouration of teeth. Though if the amount of saliva produced in one’s mouth is less then accordingly the positive effects will be reduced.

Consumption of antibiotics also leads to yellow teeth and sometimes it is seen that it is just inherited. Well, there are always ways available to get rid of the yellowness of the teeth. The natural ways will include

  1. Quit smoking if you do.

  2. Having straw to drink juices.

  3. Consume water after a meal or having juices or drinks.

  4. Brushing teeth regularly twice a day.

  5. Making use of fluoride product as per the dentist’s recommendation and instruction.

Bleaching and whitening of the teeth is also another way of doing the procedures that will lead to teeth whitening. The dentists at My Dentist Warrnambool are knowledgeable and skilled hence they can give you information regarding the process and its outcomes. If you are facing the problems of yellowness of the teeth then do visit our team of dentists.

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