• Harshal Shah

Ways to Keep Your Teeth White This Season

We look after ourselves from head to toe and change the way we care from one season to another. Why do we forget our teeth then? Your teeth are so important to make your look graceful. White teeth will give your gorgeous smile hence it is important that we look after them well.

These days we have developed a food habit that usually causes discolouration of our teeth. It is not possible to stop having such food items but we can certainly bear some points in mind so that the discolouration can be prevented to some extent. Let’s see.

Maintain good oral hygiene

One must practice good oral hygiene because it will prevent future dental problems. Some of the good oral practice includes:

  1. Brushing teeth twice a day

  2. Flossing between your teeth

  3. Following a healthy diet

  4. Regular replacement of your toothbrush

  5. A regular dental check-up

Keep yourself away from food that stains

Some of the food items will lead to staining of teeth. Though it may not be possible to completely avoid such food items it can be limited. Food items such as tea, coffee, beetroot, berries, red wine are some in the list that leads to teeth staining. After consuming these food items, gargling can be done to avoid staining.

Chewing tobacco not only causes stains but it is bad for health too. Avoid tobacco completely to maintain your oral hygiene and your health.

Consume teeth-friendly diet

There’s always an alternative to anything. Find an alternative to the food items that cause stain and get you sorted. Try herbal infused tea. It is good for health, tastes better and does not stain your teeth.

Pick up white wine or rose wine to avoid red wine stains. You satiate your longings for wine without staining teeth. If you are fond of berries then have some strawberries, they do not act as a staining culprit.

Teeth whitening treatment: If the stains are already there on your teeth then do not worry. Least that can be done is a teeth whitening treatment.

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