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The Culprit Food Items That Stains Your Teeth

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Teeth Whitening

Did we ever know that there are many food items that play a part of the devil when it comes to our teeth? Yes, you may not believe but certain food items are truly responsible for releasing colour and acid that will disturb the enamel of our teeth gradually. The process can lead to discolouration of the teeth. Hence the dentists at My Dentist Warrnambool have carefully made a list of things that are responsible for colouration and what can be done to avoid them. The team of dentists at My Dentist Warrnambool has the experience and has penned down the food items that cause teeth discolouration. Let's glance at these points as to what it has to say about prevention of discolouration.

  • Beverages: Coffee and Tea are the kick-starters of the day and most of us cannot do without it but at the same time it should be known that they are responsible for staining our teeth. It affects the enamel of the teeth, dissolves it and leads to discolouration.

  • Fizzy drinks: Carbonated drinks are containing chromogens and acid that will erode enamel and make it vulnerable to colouration.

  • Wine and berries: We all know that berries have an intense dark colour and its juice is acidic too. The combination of acid and the presence of colour make it very easy for your teeth to get stained.

  • Candies and popsicles: Most of us enjoy the coloured tongue that we get when eating candies and popsicles. But then this colour is also responsible for staining your teeth. The intense colour of candies will leave a mark on your teeth too.

  • Holding on to food in the mouth: Lingering of food in mouth for a longer period of time is strict NO. You may not know but it can release its colour and lead to staining of teeth.

  • Sip through a straw: Beverages and drinks cannot be avoided but straw can be used. It will avoid direct contact to prevent stain formation.

  • Brush and rinse: It is best to brush and rinse your mouth after a meal. It’s good practice hygiene.

The above-said tips are not at all difficult and they are simple to follow. If we take care of such small things then bigger mishaps can be avoided. In case you are having any queries regarding this, you may make an appointment to make a visit.

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