• Harshal Shah

Give Some Time to Your New Dentures for Adjustment

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Dentures are the artificial set of teeth to replace the set of teeth that have been lost due to some injury or disease. As such denture is boon because a person will not have to be without teeth for life. At My Dentist Warrnambool we have skilled technicians and knowledgeable dentists that will closely examine you and help you get customised dentures. It is seen that a person takes time to get adjusted to dentures while speaking or eating. The flow of saliva often increases because your mouth and dentures are taking the time to get to know each other well.

New dentures are taking time to get adjusted to your mouth and in the meanwhile, some amount of soreness may occur to you in gums but have patience and if the problems become more then do visit to your dentist.

Our dentists at My Dentist Warrnambool advise people with new dentures to start with soft food at the beginning and ensure that both the sides are used for chewing. One should start slowly in the beginning so that the dentures don’t fall off but stay in its place. Gradually as you get used to your dentures, you can start with your regular chewing speed. Though one must make sure that hard and hot food is not eaten and it is taken care of.

You may find it strange but some people have complained that they were not able to speak certain words fluently. It happens and it is not new because even your tongue is trying to fit in the gap between your lower dentures therefore it may take some time. But there’s nothing to lose hope. With regular practice, it is possible to speak all the words fluently and without any difficulty. We believe that adjusting with new dentures is nothing but a matter of time.

You may experience fall off dentures while coughing or laughing; in such case, take your dentures backward as if you are swallowing and try to put it in its place. It’s a routine practice and you will find it normal as soon as you get adjusted to it.

The dentists at My Dentist Warrnambool are giving away all the necessary tips to be taken care of with new dentures but even then if the problem persists, do visit them instead of sorting out yourself.

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